Project Description

Advantages of Sliding Gate or Trackless Cantilever System:

  1. The efficient use of space, suitable for short driveways as a sliding gate slides along a fence line;
  2. Automatic sliding gates do not need any physical effort to open or close — can be activated 20 – 30 meters away from it to enter and leave;
  3. Safer than swing gates — safety devices such as safety photo beams, safety edges, loop detectors are designed and installed to protect against the gate closing on a vehicle;
  4. No damage to the bottom of a gate by colliding with the ground as the sliding gate is positioned on wheels;
  5. Less expensive — the sliding gate will be less expensive to automate as it requires only one gate operator;
  6. Easy installation, durable, strong and can be available in customised sizes;
  7. Easy automation as no part of the gate comes in touch with the ground (maintenance-free sliding gear);
  8. Less vulnerability in high wind loading situations;
  9. Automatic sliding gates are greate for the security residential property and commercial property;
  10. Efficient design, smart appearance — the wide variety of styles and infills avalaible.

Sliding Gate

  • Sliding gate clear view anti-climb mesh filling galvanized
  • Sliding gate clear view anti-climb mesh filling black powder coated
  • Sliding gate filling clear view mesh drawing
  • Sliding gate clear view mesh ISO view
  • Sliding gate filling options laser cut panels

Cantilever Gate


Pedestrian Gate

  • Pedestrian gate filling clear view fencing panels electric fence as topping
  • Pedestrian gate filling with clear view mesh
  • Pedestrian gate filling clearview mesh
  • Pedestrian gate drawing
Cantilever gate with laser cut panels dimensions
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Passage Width (mm) ≤ 6 000 ≤ 8 000 ≤ 10 000 ≤ 12 000
Length (mm) 8 600 / 6 970 11 200 / 9 020 14 000 / 11 070 16 500 / 12 930
Height (mm) 1 800
Open Type Manual, Electric
Options Control, Safety Accessories
Anti-Corrosive Technology Advanced (15 years), Standard (10 years)
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Model Height (mm) Width (mm) Gate Frame (mm) Gate Post (mm) Filling (mm) Bottom Beam (mm)
Cantilever Gate 1800 4000 80*80*2.0 100*150*4.0 32*32*1.5 165*200*5.0