Enhance the Security and Style of Your Property with our Clear View Fence Vehicle & Pedestrian Gates.

Cost-Effective Clear View Fencing System from a Trusted Fencing Manufacturer SA

This system is ideal for commercial, industrial, and residential applications that prioritize both security and visibility. The clear view mesh offers unobstructed views, making it a popular choice.

Our complete clear view fencing system with a sliding gate and pedestrian gate provides a secure and attractive solution for controlling both vehicle and pedestrian access. With maximum visibility and top-notch security, you can’t go wrong with our clear view fence gate system.

Advantages of Sliding Gates or Trackless Cantilever Systems:

  • Space-saving design: Ideal for short driveways, as the gate slides along the fence line;
  • Effortless operation: Automated gates can be activated from 20-30 meters away, without any physical effort;
  • Increased safety: Equipped with safety features such as photo beams, safety edges, and loop detectors to prevent accidents;
  • No ground damage: The gate is positioned on wheels, reducing the risk of damage;
  • Cost-effective automation: Only one gate operator is required, making it a more affordable option;
  • Easy installation and customization: Available in custom sizes with a strong and durable design;
  • Maintenance-free: No part of the gate comes into contact with the ground, reducing maintenance costs;
  • Wind-resistant: Less vulnerable in high wind loading situations;
  • Enhanced security: Ideal for both residential and commercial properties;
  • Attractive design: Wide range of styles and infills available for a smart and efficient appearance.

Sliding Gates

Pedestrian & Swing Gates

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Passage Width (mm) ≤ 6 000 ≤ 8 000 ≤ 10 000 ≤ 12 000
Length (mm) 8 600 / 6 970 11 200 / 9 020 14 000 / 11 070 16 500 / 12 930
Height (mm) 1 800
Open Type Manual, Electric
Options Control, Safety Accessories
Anti-Corrosive Technology Advanced (15 years), Standard (10 years)
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Model Height (mm) Width (mm) Gate Frame (mm) Gate Post (mm) Filling (mm) Bottom Beam (mm)
Cantilever Gate 1800 4000 80*80*2.0 100*150*4.0 32*32*1.5 165*200*5.0