358 High-Security Mesh Panels: The Ultimate Solution for High-Security Fencing

The fence is named after its mesh opening size, which is approximately 76mm by 12.7mm. This mesh size makes it extremely difficult to climb or cut the fence, providing a high level of security. 358 fence is also designed to withstand attempted penetrations from tools and heavy impact, making it an ideal choice for secure environments such as prisons, military installations, and government buildings. 358 security mesh panels come in galvanized, powder-coated or PVC coated options for corrosion resistance.

Our patented post system ensures a fast, effective, and tamper-proof installation, even on uneven terrain. The T-shaped post design makes it impossible for intruders to access the fixing clamps.

With its anti-cut, anti-climb, and clear view features, it’s the perfect choice for railways, power plants, prisons, research institutions, military bases, borders, and oil and gas facilities.

358 high-security mesh panels feature anti-cut fencing


Can’t be cut by conventional tools, ensuring maximum security.

358 high-security mesh panels feature anti-climb fencing


Virtually impossible to climb, providing added security.

358 high-security mesh panels feature clear view camera surveillance possibilities


A clear view from a distance, offering unobstructed camera surveillance possibilities.

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Installation Height (mm) 1800, 2100, 2400, 3000
Embedded Post Height (mm)
(600mm below the ground level)
2400, 2700, 3000, 3600
Post Center Distance (mm) 3000
Distance Between the Horizontal Wires (mm) 12.7 ± 1.0
Distance Between the Vertical Wires (mm) 76 ± 3.00, 100 ± 3.00
Core Diameter of the Horizontal Galvanized Wire (mm) ⌀3.5 — ⌀5.6 ± 0.10
Core Diameter of the Vertical Galvanized Wire (mm) ⌀3.5 — ⌀5.6 ± 0.10
Weld Strength 80% of parent material
Tensile Strength 500 – 650 MPA
Coating Options Powder coating, Plascoat (anti-corrosion) finishes
358 mesh fence accommodates uneven terrain; installation is with different angles fast and reducing cost. Post system is an extremely rigid structure.
Complete System: 358 mesh fence and cantilever / sliding plus pedestrian gates form a complete security system.
Additional Security: Fence toppings such as anti-climb panel, barbed wire, concertina coils, flat wrap, spikes, electrical fencing, and sensing system provide added protection.
  • 358 mesh fencing topping enhancements
  • 358 mesh fencing drawing of post cap and mesh clamp
  • 358 mesh fencing drawing of mesh panel