• Concertina wire offers an enhanced level of protection, strengthening the perimeter and deterring unauthorized access. Concertina razor wire is made from durable galvanized barbed tape wire and high-tensile claps formed in large coils, concertina wire is difficult to cut and provides a strong barrier that can discourage intruders. Concertina razor wire coils are available in single or crossed spiral configurations and can be customized to meet specific security needs. With easy installation and a neat appearance, concertina wire is a top choice for those in need of improved security.


    • High Tensile Core Wire ==> very difficult to cut
    • No Secondary use ==> averting theft
    • Easy to Install
    • Durability and Versatility
    Upgrade your security with concertina razor wire. Top choice for enhancing fences & walls. Instant security upgrade. Contact us now to receive factory pricing.
  • Upgrade Your Security with Flat Wrap Razor Wire

    Adding anti-climb measures to fences and walls can enhance physical security. Made from single strand razor wire and clipped to wires or panels, this flat wrap sheet design is ideal for residential fences, concrete walls, chain link fences, perimeter fences and gates. With sharp metal blades that are difficult to cut, the razor wire provides a high level of security for your property. Each piece of razor wire is 15m long and features pointed barbs at regular intervals along the central strand. The high tensile core wire is electro galvanized for added durability. The wire is also difficult to cut, making it a deterrent for theft.

    Six Reasons to Choose Our Flat Wrap Razor Wire:

    1. Space Efficiency: Ideal for limited spaces without compromising on security.
    2. Versatility: Available as a free-standing fence. Offers adaptability for various setups and applications.
    3. Standard and Custom Sizes: Available in standard sizes and customizable on special order to suit your specific requirements.
    4. Simplicity in Installation: Easy to set up, ensuring a hassle-free process. Instant security upgrade
    5. Aesthetic Appeal: Aesthetically pleasing with a neat appearance while maintaining high-security standards.
    6. Safety Considerations: Designed without overhang structures, ensuring safety for bystanders (preventing accidental injuries).
    Flat wrap: cost-effective and reliable, always in stock, supply & install. Contact now to receive factory pricing.